My Church Security – Why Am I Doing This?

Why Now? Why Am I Doing This Site?

All my wisdom and knowledge came by the grace of my Lord Jesus.  First there is a great need to reform our industry, stop training security and fraud professionals to be unknowingly deceptive, and I think this whole security thing is easy and fun.  It’s kind of like those interesting and talented magicians that “expose” how tricks are done.  Over the years, I have had the honor to visit so many organizations that need SIMPLE help.  Recently I have had the humble honor to get requests from a few church and para-church organizations and I thought I could provide them some ideas and tools they can use immediately without growing frustrated with lay people wanting to make major complex structures.  Oh, and some of this, I just have to get off my chest, its so frustrating sometimes….hehe.  Seriously, my summary goal is to provide simple ideas to people who are in the process of designing/implementing a church security or church safety or church fraud department or churches that have been doing it for 30 years and just need some fresh ideas. I hope you are blessed by the content.

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