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Op-Ed:Investigative Interviewing – It’s a “technique”​ not a checklist or script, run by a human


Full Disclosure: I would NOT consider myself an interviewing or interogation expert by many people’s definition of an “expert”. I have been through The Reid Technique basic and advanced program twice formally, their child abuse training, and a couple of times when they were a module in other training. I have ALSO been through other industry experts’ full interviewing training programs. And humbly the schooling from doing real interviews and have made my share of (non-life altering) mistakes, thus why I keep training and training.

So with 20+ years in corporate security, NOT law enforcement, and an ordinary, but trained, human being, that has done investigative interviewing, had the privlege of being second chair student of true experts during their amazing investigations and a trainer on interviewing myself, I have a few thoughts on the latest Reid Technique press.

Bottom line: Great, high integrity investigative interviewing is HARD, but can be fun and enjoyable, and incredibly educational about human nature, but is is HARD.

If you are law enforcement or a corporate security professional, investigative interviews is part skill, talent, technique, it’s not about a checklist or step 1,3,5,7,9. As I have told my students and others asking my counsel, if you don’t know how to do proper investigative interviewing, I begged them, please don’t. I have had to have my own interviews cleaned up and had to clean up other people’s mess also.

I have never used The Reid Technique exactly like I was taught, but surprise, I have never done any task exactly how I was taught (#rebelous), just ask my late father. But I have used many parts of the The Reid Technique added them to other experts’ techniques adding in my own twists, and oh added in elements based on the totality of the circumstances to have had some pretty successful outcomes.

I honor Mr. Reid and all of their instructors that have invested in my education and the education to others that I no doubt has saves lives and made nations around the world safer. They have been nothing but humble and wise and patient with teaching this ol’ student.

For my clients, that range from Fortune 10 to faith-based organizations to up-and-coming students, The Reid Technique along with Don Rabon’s classes will always be my continued recommendation based on the integrity, research and passion to their students and our law enforcement community.

BTW: I also honor other interviewing and interogation experts including, but not limited to Mr. Wicklander and Mr. Zulawski for focusing their mission on educating their students with high integrity, proven skills, no matter the technique. Though I have never been exposed to W-Z’s ways and means or met them, I still honor them, assuming their are operating their organization with the highest integrity and educating people and organizations with the highest quality education they can.

Just one student’s perspective


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