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Free Software – Church (Security) Analytics Just Got Easier

 Tableau & Church Security & free software

Tableau Foundation Announces Free Software and “Service Corps” for NGOs/Non-Profits


Need / Want some (almost) free software for your church?


Back in 1994 when I started full time in Corporate Security, I found out real quick that I was analyzing raw data on a regular basis for security purposes.  It wasn’t as formal as it is today in the technology or business world, but it was data analytics.

In the last few years I have dived into the topic on a daily basis looking for a variety of answers to questions of the data to get the data to tell a story.  I use a small but diverse toolbox of tools, including but not limited to Excel, i2 Analyst Notebook, NodeXL (my newest), and Tableau.

I learned about Tableau from a large supplier that I didn’t have budget to buy their wares, but we had a good relationship and they recommended I look at Tableau.  Within the first few days, I was hooked, I was solving problems, and getting new answers that frustrated me for years.  If you are an Excel fan and do any kind of data analysis, I would encourage you to look at Tableau.

I “simple” example of Tableau that I did for you is Carl Chinn’s church crime stats here.

Check out LifeChurch.tv’s discussing using Tableau at the User’s Conference last year (2014) in this video and their presentation.

Today Tableau announced Tableau for Non-profits and I think this is both awesome for their corporate responsibility program and in my selfish case, and awesome opportunity for churches and church security organizations.

Okay, so their is a small administrative fee of $58 for TechSoup, so close to “Free”

Tableau also announced Tableau Service Corps, which is a group of Tableau experts ready to help you with your data analytics program.

Church (Security) analytics can be as simple as attendance to as complex as geographical analysis of attendees.

  • For Churches in general, some ideas:

    • Service attendance
    • Class attendance
    • Age group attendance
    • Giving by type of giving
    • Giving by demographical information
    • Salvations
    • Attendance vs. membership
    • Volunteer (hours)
    • Missions
    • Budget
  • Church Security

    • Budget
    • # of incidents
    • Types of incidents
    • # of people with access to each access control point
    • Background check status
    • CCTV, security camera, access control, badge system maintenance
    • Lots of cyber security measures
    • Fraud analysis (e.g. church credit cards)

Would you all be interested in a Tableau Demo?  Sign up for our church security mailing list and put a comment in below and if we get enough interest, I will get one scheduled.

Get data, analyze it, tell a story to a safer church.