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Hey let’s Get Started through our Start Here ideas here.  This site is a compilation of ideas I have been taught, learned, implemented over 20 years in the security and fraud industry about designing a security / fraud department / function in corporate, non-profit, church security environment based on reviewing, recommending, designing, implementing security functions in about 15 countries and countless number/type of organizations.

I see designing and implementing the operational church security structure can be:

SIMPLY SECURE – Meaning we don’t have to spend alot of money or other resources to secure an environment to be “good enough”

SIMPLY DESIGNED – Meaning we don’t have to get a “big, hard, technical, complex” design to make it work smoothly

SIMPLY FUN – Meaning, this process is fun, if you are passionate about this function in your organization.

Yes, we will address “politics”, “funding”, and Layer 8 = People.

The content, including the blog will not necessarily be in a specific order as no two organizations are at the same maturity level, but keywords will be used as much as possible and hopefully I can integrate a site search soon.

Scope of Site:

Many great church security and some “just” security sites are focused on 1-2 particular areas, say, personal security, guards, fraud, or cyber.  My goal is that this site is end-to-end covering all areas of church security.  This doesn’t mean those other sites are valuable or that I will cover areas in as much depth as they do.

What are we going to try and cover: organization structure, policies, procedures, tools, bomb (threats), evacuations, severe weather, security controls, fraud controls, children specific areas, disruptions, VIP/Executive protection, guards, weapons (bad guy and good guy side), investigations, ethics, reporting, tracking, dispatch, travel security, technology (as a security control, not much on security of technology).  What we not going to cover? business continuity, disaster recovery, internet/network security, medical fraud, among other areas.

Start Here……

Step 1 – Pray about the process and for wisdom and knowledge

Step 2 – Seek, Call, Empower, Release a Leader over the (implementation of this) function

Step 3 – Protect those kiddos

Step 4 – Build, Document, Test an evacuation and Shelter-in-place plan

Step 5 – Build an Inventory of existing security, safety, medical assets

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