My Church Security – Security = Senior Pastor Highest Priority?

When prioritizing security at a church there are a number of factors to consider when one talks about prioritization including sub-functions, training, budget, team size, team makeup, technology, area of highest concern, etc. One that I think pastors, boards, and lay people need to clearly understand is the priorities of the Senior Pastor as a minister/employee and where security fits. As some of you may know, I have a ministry that privately and publicly honors pastors, supports hurting pastors and teaches lay people why/how to honor pastors. One of the key causes of church challenges is putting too much, including security, on the pastor(s) and not properly honoring them and supporting them. In 2004, my pastor spoke one of the most profound messages for the local church on “What’s My (meaning, his) Job?” and “What Your (meaning me) Job?”. Recently he updated the message and focused on explaining what are his (as a pastor) priorities. 1. Pray, 2. Teach, 3. Appoint, 4. Be a good husband, father.

What? Where is SECURITY? He is right, as a PASTOR / MINISTER, security should not be his/her highest priority, NOW as the “CEO” / President of the business of the church, security should A (not THE) high priority. But using Priority #3 in my pastor’s message, his priority, as a PASTOR, towards security, should be to make sure he/she APPOINTS qualified and called leader(s) to lead the security function.

So if you feel qualified and called to lead or help build your church’s security function then proactively connect with your senior pastor and please don’t expect him/her to be involved day-to-day. Now, keeping him/her informed of the plan and program and gathering his/her input, wisdom, and perspectively is a must.

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