My Church Security – Where do I start?

MyChurchSecurity.comMy Church Security – Where do I start?

I know never answer a question with a question, but this will be a contextual exception. Where should you start?

Start by asking yourself or your team, “do I understand I have a security apparatus already? All I need to do is understand what I have today, what else I MIGHT need, where should I start to move forward.”.  Future blog posts will focus on a FREE tool I created to help make this SIMPLE.

Another question, “does my leadership/board understand where we are and that we need to move forward?”

Last question, assuming you are the champion of this work, do you have a trusted, available individual, preferrable trained,  that will be your go-to person for this moving forward.

I know this is strange, but let’s hold on “do I have any money?” question, don’t want to spoil the fun before we start.  I’m also going to hold off also the question, “do I need security”, I think my blog will end up answering this question in the end, without going crazy with a complex threat assessment.

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