My Church Security – If I Had to Start Somewhere….

The Kiddos, please, The Kiddos.

That’s right, not evacuation, not shelter in place, not active shooter, its about the kiddos. ¬†Everything in security at a church is important, but it is not all equally important nor can you do it all, so if you had to start from zero and you haven’t had any significant threats, I recommend you starts with the kids.


High trust, high vulnerability, amazing, and many times untrained (in security response) volunteers..

A number of ideas, in no particular order:

* Background Checks for workers and volunteers

* Mandatory Awareness Training like MinistrySafe

* Mandatory Response Training (shelter, evac, medical)

* Recommended Training (cpr, aed)

* Panic buttons

* “Blue Lights”

* Computerized Check In Systems (w/photo of mom/dad and kid)

* Parental Alert “system” (pagers, text messaging, notice on overhead screens)

* Man trap or in-service door lock downs

* Mandatory drills

* Special Needs Kid awareness

Remember the childrens workers are gifted with KIDS not SECURITY, and “equipping” them doesn’t mean you try to make them security people, that’s not what God gifted, called, or sent them to be.

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