My Church Security – Church Leaders at a Fraud Conference?

I know, not exactly in the “how to design” category but it got me thinking. I have the privilege of attending the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 25th Annual Fraud Conference next week (2014….ok and in 2015 also) to catch up on some training, new techniques, and interact with some amazing peers. On a sad note, for the ones that are familiar with the ACFE, I understand this will be Dr. Wells’ last conference. His impact on the world and my career is immeasurable. But back to the question, yes, churches should, at a minimum, have wisdom and knowledge of fraud, why because the probability, vulnerability of fraud being committed at your church….is greater then zero, sometimes already happened/happening or is about to. I’m not saying that the senior pastor should attend the conference, but someone in the church leadership / board / or executive pastor-type of role should consider it. If they are unable to attend, they should check out the many (free) webinars that the ACFE has on their site. I have been involved in actual responding to fraud and have identified countless fraud vulnerabilities in churches, it is an important aspect of your overall security plan. Be Blessed.

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