Found a Great Church Security Assessment

Shout out to Kris @ 5544885 for this resource!

Great Church Security Assessment

Okay, I admit I am generally NOT a fan of checklist security assessment with one exception, when a organization (yours) doesn’t have full time security team / professional available and has a desire to improve their posture AND commits to engage with a trained security professional based on the results.

Kris Moloney is a great church security professional and developed this excellent Church Security Assessment.  The important thing is for you and your team to complete the assessment honestly and completely.  In fact, have several people complete and compare answers.  Ask yourself, are you completing it based on what is fact, what you think exists, or what someone has told you?  Even if you have to physical walk around your organization / building with the assessment, do it. Church Security Assessment

Please email Kris and thank him and share this post with your fellow church leaders  / churches.  As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

BTW: If you are planning on being at Gateway Church’s Leadership / Pastors Conference this year, I will be there again and available for one-on-one FREE discussions on your church security questions. I will have two give aways for 3 hours of consultation at the conference.  I will be volunteering, but just email / DM me on Twitter and we can find a place to meet up.


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