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Looking for a dynamic, actionable teacher for you team, organization, security conference, fraud conference, church conference, men’s retreat/conference or equip classes?

Okay so I am not literally a “speaker” (should that be quotes) or is that a tech arts pun. I’m not sure what a “speaker” is, they probably are pretty boring, so I will use the term “teacher” to promote the value of what I speak on.  This is in no way to degrade any professional teacher (Pre-K through PhD or other volunteer/vocational teacher), they are amazing people and may one day I get to write about some of the ones that have impacted me.

Seriously, I have had a privilege of teaching on a variety of courses/topics attended by 1000’s of professionals in multiple countries. All of these have been for external parties on a pro-bono basis. I have taught many more times to internal parties of my employers over the years.

More details about “Why Me”

Recent / Upcoming Speaking Engagements

NIST Workshop – Supply Chain Security – Washington, DC – October 2015

IBM i2 Summit – Supply Chain Fraud – Washington, DC – September 2015

OSAC Conference – Plano, TX – June 2015

ISACA Seminar – Cedar Rapids, IA – October 2014

Tableau Day – DFW Texas – November 2014

Tableau Customer Conference, Seattle, WA, September 9, 2014

ISACA, Atlanta, GA, June 21, 2013

DFW Tableau User’s Group, Irving, TX, June 20, 2013

IEEE, Marco Island, FL, May 13, 2013

North Central Texas College, Denton, TX, December 3, 2013


Primary Sessions

Investigating / Auditing Supply Chain Security

What is the Supply Chain, how is it different then vendors?  We will look at both the physical and cyber parts of the Supply Chain. How do these differ impact fraud investigations or auditing?  This session focuses on risks of the supply chain and opportunities for fraud and where these risks start and stop for an organization.

Security Department Design

Simply Secure, Simply Designed, Simply Fun.  In this course we will discuss some of the initial reasons for setting up a security / fraud function. We will then step through a simply process to establish the scope of the department / function, executive buy in, and next steps.

Scope Development for Investigations & Auditors

“ALL” and “Enterprise” are great words for authority, but can be highly deceptive if used in the context of the scope of an investigation or audit. In this session we will discuss a comprehensive methodology for both scope development and more important scope communications.

Data Analytics

Fraud Security Use Cases – Using Tableau and data blending/joining to develop new fraud and Security incident and vulnerability detection capabilities.

Additional Lightning Sessions Topics

Cultural Impacts on Security

If you work in a multi-national, multi-cultural organization, you know how much culture impacts the security of environment.  In this session we will discuss how international cultures, offshoring, privacy views impacts how we secure environments.

Working with IT to detect Fraud

CATTs, ACL, IDEA, i2 – name the technology, we use them daily as fraud examiners but getting data into these systems is key.  What can we, as fraud examiners, do to work with our data providers and IT departments to better partner to improve both pro-active fraud detection and reactive fraud examination.

Working with Global Trust Models

Opportunity, Rationalization, and Pressure – Where does trust fit in….in everything we do.  We, as human beings and fraud examiners, must trust and not trust sometimes in the same conversation.  In this discussion, we will discuss aspects of trust from a cybercrime and fraud viewpoint and how we must recognize the aspects that impact how we manage our examinations.

Interviewing for Auditors

As fraud examiners we have access to extensive training on interviewing clients, suspects, and victims, but the audit industry has not focused on this art.  In this discussion we will talk about techniques in developing scope, interviews vs. discussions, checklists vs. surveys vs sampling, to obtain better quality results.

Social Engineering

“The art and science of getting people to comply with your wishes” – How do people use social engineering in life is the same METHOD it is used in the criminal world.  This session will explore the exploitation of trust through social engineering, why it works, its impact.

Visualization Techniques for Executive Communications

Communications through analytics – In this talk we will discuss and demonstrate three uses of Tableau developed for various use cases to communicate information to audiences from engineers to executives. The three use cases covered will be 1) project and scope development 2) project management status communications and 3) data integrity discovery (My favorite Tableau feature = Null).

Insider Threat Security

Beginner overview of Insider Threat as it relates to SMB/NGO/Enterprise businesses.

How to Scale Security Incident / Vulnerability Response

Several Local, State, Federal Law Enforcement Only Courses – Description available upon request.


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  • General Congregation – Honoring Pastors / Clergy
  • General Congregation – Discovering Your Butterfly Effect
  • Leadership – Presbytery and Prophecy
  • Operational – Building Security and Safety Departments / Teams
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