My Team Leadership Credo


My Team Leadership Credo

Focus Area

Position Statement

For You and Your Family, I will….
  • strive to always edify, comfort, and exhort you in all personal communications between us personally
  • believe for you and your family to received wisdom, knowledge, health, and blessings throughout our time together
  • respect the differences in religious and cultural beliefs and strive to learn their impact on our relationship.
  • always prioritize work based on FAMILY first,work second
  • strive to serve you and your family
For Your Professional Growth, I will….
  • prioritize training for you based on mission of the organization and personal growth plan
  • mentor you as you want to be mentored
  • pass on the wisdom and knowledge I have received
  • request, and fight if necessary, for certification expense dollars that support your role in our mission
  • mentor you and support your patent applications
  • use both company and personal financial/time resources to expand my personal wisdom and knowledge to better support your growth
To make the best of our communications, I will…
  • be transparent to you in communications of my thoughts, strategy, senior leadership communications and frustrations
  • strive to not gossip or be negative towards others in my conversations with you
  • strive to active listener and provide you with my undivided attention
  • allow for the discrete venting of frustrations.
Since we all seek Recognition & Honor, I will…
  • honor you privately and publicly, in writing and speech 
  • promote the team as “Our Team” and not “My Team”
  • promote your passion, skills, knowledge, and wisdom
  • promote the team as individuals with you
Since Resources are enablers, I will…
  • promote business cases for technology and human resources for the team
  • always search and promote the purchase of great technology
  • strive for being the “go-to” group for our core competencies
To be a example of Accountability, I commit to….
  • be accountable to my shortcomings, I will stand, and ask for forgiveness, I will resolve to correct my shortcomings, to make me a better team leader for the future
  • living, serving, and leading with absolute integrity
  • studying the laws we work with; and not just follow them
  • studying the policies we work with; and not just follow them
  • understanding and promoting, sorry, can’t memorize it, the company Credo
  • be teachable by anyone
  • accepting respectful correction from anyone
  • maintaining confidentiality as much as I personally and legally can
  • back you 100%, if you make a honest mistake
But I expect…
  • nothing but excellence, in all you do
  • absolute integrity from you
  • that you also train and invest your personal resources in your professional and personal development
  • your respect
  • that if you have a concern, question, or disagreement with me that you will give me the benefit of the doubt by first discussing it with me before talking to other team members or people outside our team
  • to be forthright and proactive with me about your training, certification, and patent needs and ambitions
  • respecting the spirit of our leadership credo and customer credo
My Stand
  • If you make a conscience decision that violates our trust, I will not stand with you as a professional; only as a human being.
My Team Leadership Credo was last modified: December 28th, 2015 by Jim McConnell

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